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Special Limited Offer

German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks
Dated 1888-1915        Brilliant Uncirculated

German Wilhelm II Gold 20 Marks Obverse
.2304 Oz Gold
German Wilhelm II Gold 20 Marks Reverse
Enlarged to show detail

Secure your wealth with beautiful Prussian gold!

We've recently located a small hoard of especially fine German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Mark coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, at unusually low prices. We’ve been looking for these high-quality, classic European gold coins for quite awhile because they offer many of the advantages so highly prized by collectors and investors. They are beautifully designed and struck; they have fascinating historical significance; they carry high demand among European and American collectors; and they offer a tremendous value in today’s market, trading at unusually low premiums relative to their gold melt value. During this time of growing inflation and global insecurity, we are happy to be able to offer these outstanding gold coins at prices that are simply too good to pass up!

Historical bulwark against inflation

In the 1920s, Germany fell victim to what must be the wildest inflation scenario in world history. In 1923, more than 700,000,000,000 paper marks were required to buy an item that had cost merely a single Gold Mark in 1914! By late 1923, prices were doubling every few hours. One loaf of bread cost nearly 200 billion paper marks! German housewives were burning paper marks in their kitchen stoves because the currency was worth less than firewood. But throughout this period of unbelievable hyper-inflation, the “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Mark coin held its value. Why? Because it was made of gold of course!

How did this economic disaster happen? Of course, there is no simple explanation. Yet Germany’s incredible inflation of the 1920s may in part be tracked back to its government’s decision to stop minting the “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Mark in 1915.

In July of 1914, as Germany declared war on France and World War One began, the German central bank made the ill-fated decision to take its nation off the gold standard. Minting of the Gold 20 Mark coin, which had been the backbone of the German economy since 1871, ceased completely. Gold was replaced by paper. Under wartime pressure, this decision seemed like a good idea: no longer legally required to back its currency with gold, the Kaiser’s government was free to print paper money at will in order to finance its war effort. After the war, as Germany struggled to rebuild itself, the new government continued the policy of pumping more and more paper money into the economy. But without gold to anchor its value, this “paper chase” rendered the so-called “fiat” currency almost completely worthless. By the early 1930s, the economic and social upheaval stemming from these disastrous economic policies set the stage for Hitler’s rise to power and, inevitably, war and suffering once again.

Own a piece history and financial peace of mind.

Minted from 1888 to 1915, the German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks harkens back to the grand period of the Prussian monarchy, before the ravages of World War One, the terrible economic hardship, and the political insanity that followed. At the time, anyone wise enough to hold wealth in these historic gold coins had protection from the devastating effects of inflation—and the same holds true today.

“Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks are an excellent investment right now.

Aside from the compelling historical and aesthetic reasons to own them, these coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition are an excellent investment opportunity in today’s market.

Here’s why:

  • Double profit potential. Modern bullion coins like Kruggerands, American Gold Eagles, and Canadian Maple Leafs increase in value only as gold increases in price. Naturally, as gold prices rise, German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Mark coins also increase in value. But unlike bullion, these coins offer an additional premium based upon their limited numbers and status as scarce collectable coins. Collector demand for these classic European gold coins drives their value up at a higher rate than bullion alone.

  • Low Price and Limited Availability. Because gold bullion remains undervalued, today’s price for German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Mark coins is unusually low. In fact, even at these low prices, we’re lucky to be able to offer these classic Pre-World War I gold coins at all. Normally when we go to the European market to buy classic gold coins we cannot find any German 20 Mark gold coins whatsoever! The last time we had a small group of these to offer was over a year ago. Once these are gone, it may be quite some time before we are able to offer these lovely, scarce gold coins again.

  • Excellent international liquidity. Immensely popular among European collectors and investors, these coins have a large, ready market overseas as well as here in the United States.

  • Complete financial privacy. Unlike some modern bullion pieces, which must be reported to the IRS by brokers, there are no reporting requirements for these classic German gold coins.

  • Exemption from confiscation. As collector coins of historical significance, German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks are not subject to any confiscation law passed in the U.S. Bullion coins like Kruggerands, American Gold Eagles, and Canadian Maple Leafs, however, may be seized under current U.S. laws.

  • Ease of transportation and storage. The smaller size of these coins, approximately one-quarter ounce, means they may be easily transported and privately stored in case of hardship.

Now you may add these excellent gold investments to your portfolio at truly exceptional prices

Because we have been able to purchase this fine hoard of select coins at an excellent price, we are passing the savings on to our customers. These Brilliant Uncirculated German “Wilhelm II” Gold 20 Marks are an absolute steal at today’s low prices. As fine Eurogold collectables and proven inflation fighters, these coins are exceptionally popular and will not last long. Now is the time to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to add beautiful Prussian Gold to your hard asset porfolio.

Special limited offer. These coins will not last long.
Buy now and don’t miss out!

Special Pricing:

1 to 9 coins $304.31
10 to 19 coins $301.31
20 to 39 coins $300.31
40 to 99 coins $299.31
100 or more $298.31

Basis: gold @ $1160.20
Updated: 03/13/2015
Dates our choice. Prices and availability
subject to change without notice.

German “Wilhelm II” 20 Marks

1888 to 1915

Fine gold content:
0.2304 troy oz.

23 mm diameter

To order, call toll-free today: 800-613-9323

German Wilhelm II Gold 20 Marks Obverse German Wilhelm II Gold 20 Marks Reverse
Pictures Enlarged to show detail

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